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Interview with Lee Ingleby from the new series, Innocent

244b572808fd7c6a6002dd725cbf3342 - Interview with Lee Ingleby from the new series, Innocent

Guilty or innocent? That is the million dollar question in this new British thriller. Innocent is about a man who a new start, after he is seven years wrongly (?) held for the killing of his wife. Actor Lee Ingleby light post, a corner of the veil.

What appealed to you in the series?
“The total concept. Innocent is not only an exciting misdaadserie. It is, above all, an engrossing drama, about a man who has his life back on track tries to get. My character David Collins thought for a long time that he is for the rest of his life in prison should continue. But by a reduced is he suddenly free. The series shows what such a sudden release to do with a person, his environment, and the family of the victim. At the same time, started a new study to the perpetrator.”

How would you David Collins describe?
“David is a bit lost. Not surprising of course. One moment, he is sitting in prison, convinced that he never would come. The next time he walks around as a free man. The seven years of prison, however, he is not in the cold clothes. He is, as it were, a shadow of itself. David is also lost him what love was: his house, his two children and his wife with whom he has a good marriage, despite the fact that they ever quarrelled. David has always maintained that he has nothing to do with her murder. But only his brother believe him.”

Any idea what your character in Inspector George Gently of this case would think?
“Bacchus? Guilty, of course! Otherwise it would be Collins in the first instance yet never in prison are up to? In fact, I suspect that Bacchus, the first is who will want to prove that the police was right. Fortunately, there are still police officers like George Gently, which in the first instance, the facts want to know.”

Innocent, Saturday, 22.30 hours • NPO 2

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