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Gordon blundert during Golden Globes

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Gordon has a blunder committed. The entertainer was present at the prestigious prijzenfestival The Golden Globes, but was not informed of the dress code. “I was embarrassed to death. I was really a fool.”

Gordon was this morning to hear in Evers staat op, where the entertainer is not all to be sober and was on the phone with Edwin Evers. The significantly under the influence entertainer told about his adventures at the Golden Globes and confessed that he was a red tuxedo had done. And that was not such a good choice. This year, dressed pretty much all of Hollywood is in the black in order to protest against sexual abuse. “Everyone stands there with respect and I was in the red!!! I can still not”, buldert Gordon.

Erica Terpstra

Edwin Evers and his sidekicks laughed merrily along. “I have here my second Erica Terpstra’ette, I think!”, referred Edwin to his famous interview with a drunk Erica Terpstra in 2010.

Oprah Winfrey

Still, Gordon the great fun had by all. “I have this morning with Oprah Winfrey voice. But I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t even have to take a picture dared to ask. Where I’ve been asked to Chris Hemsworth, that is my droomman. It was great!”

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