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Frontwoman of The Cranberries suddenly died

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The 46-year-old Dolores O’riordan, frontwoman of Irish band The Cranberries, is Monday, unexpectedly died in London.

In a statement from the manager of O’riordan sounds that the family is broken is the news. The singer, hailing from the Irish Limerick, was in London for new recordings. The cause of her death is still not clear.

The band broke up in 1995 to the international scene with the album No need to argue where their hit single ‘Zombie’ on it. The success of that hit, they could never repeat but they were still high with songs such as ‘Linger’, ‘Ode to my Family’, ‘Promises’ and ‘Salvation’.

In 2004, the band on break, and then brought O’riordan also solo, but in 2009, The Cranberries the thread for a comprehensive comebacktournee. In 2012 they performed in the Antwerp Lotto Arena. The group sold a total of more than forty million records.

In 2014 came the singer is in the news because they have a head butt had sold to a police officer at Shannon airport after a plane with destination to New York was met. According to her lawyer, was since then a bipolar disorder in her set.

She was also plagued by lingering back problems, but it was in december still on the stage.

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