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First defeat hurt Pep Guardiola not, but: “The league is not yet decided”

f41cc36fd008afcb4b1aaa0a01f72105 - First defeat hurt Pep Guardiola not, but: “The league is not yet decided”

Manchester City, coach Pep Guardiola showed himself to be a good loser after the spectacular 4-3 defeat on the field of Liverpool Sunday night: “All praise to the opponent, we were not solid enough.”



4 – 3

Manchester City

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“We had the match in hands at 1-1, but our finishing left much to be desired. It was very quick 4-1,” said Guardiola. “You must remain steadfast as your goals, abides by, and we were just not solid enough. This kind of situations you need to endure in the season. The reality is that we have lost and that we are one week have the time to play us again and the match against Newcastle to prepare for.”

The ManCity-coach bewierookte then his opponent: “All praise is for Liverpool. We know that it is difficult against the teams of Jürgen Klopp, who is a very aggressive play. It is also completely normal that you had a contest to lose. I have in my career, won many prizes and always points lost and games lost. That is now no different. Each team is fighting for something, for the Champions League, for the title, for self-preservation. We play a lot of games and a time to lose hear than just. This is our first defeat, bad for City, but Liverpool deserves our congratulations.”

Finally, wanted Guardiola not have said that the title within is: “During every press conference I hear that the Premier League have already been played, and each time I say no. The league is not yet decided.”

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