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Father Ellen DeGeneres died

The father of talkshowhost Ellen Degeneres is at the age of 92 died. That made Ellen famous in her own show.

Ellen Degeneres (59) shared a special story on the occasion of the sad news. “We only have one real family vacation made in the past. When I was a little girl, we went to the Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles for a tour,” began Ellen. “And now I work here, in my own studio with my name on the front of the building. He was proud of.”


Ellen had a good relationship with her father. “He was crazy on my show and was proud of me. And he was a very nice man, which no one condemned. Furthermore, he was also extremely witty, I think my brother Vance and I have our humor from him have inherited.”


“Before he died, we have a moment together, which I goodbye to him, I was able to say. When I later in the day, the Warner Bros. studio left, there appeared a rainbow in the sky.”

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