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Farmer Marc has a new girlfriend

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Farmer Marc has a new girlfriend. The viskweker from Zambia did last season on the Farmer wants a wife, but his relationship with Anne-Kim didn’t last that long. Fortunately, he now has again found love.

Yvon Jaspers Sunday, January 7 with the second terugblikaflevering of Farmer wants a wife. That is also a farmer Marc to bid, that is good news. The farmer has a relationship!

‘Fits me’

The 38-year-old Marc has been dropped for the thirty years ‘ Carol from Rotterdam. The BOD-candidate is very happy with his new love. “I have now found someone who is absolutely not for me. But we have to be quite a click. It feels good, she is very sweet to me.”


The two got to know each other on Facebook. Merel sent a message to Marc when she heard of the break-up with Anne-Kim. “We started to talk, numbers exchanged and then we are going to call. It actually went pretty quick. Our first FaceTime call, a day later, lasted already over one and a half hours,” says Charlie in an interview with LINDAnieuws.


Amanda, who already has a son from a previous relationship, lives in the Netherlands. Farmer Marc staying still in Zambia. “We don’t know exactly how the future will look like. Together of course, but how we are going to do, we are not yet all over,” says the Rotterdam.

Farmer wants a Wife special is on 7 January at 20.20 to see at NPO 1

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