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Farmer Bertie goes vloggen

7c106f94b6144855f9872b1cace948e9 - Farmer Bertie goes vloggen

Farmer, Bertie picks up the vlogcamera there. The old BOD and Expedition Robinson-candidate her own life filming and on the internet.

Farmer Bertie is going to be a different approach than other vloggers. “I’m not going to vloggen about my fabulous life and what I do not encounter on a day, because so much is not that haha. I want to vloggen about my company.”

‘No boerenvloggers’

Bertie had been a while plan to get her company to film and hopes to have something unique in your hands. “I think a lot of people find it interesting. Of course, I’m busy you’re eating to grow. You have a lot of foodvloggers, but no boerenvloggers.”

The winner of Expedition Robinson 2016 , it wants at least a years.

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