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Fans of Harry Potter create their own feature-length film about Voldemort

On the new ‘Fantastic Beasts’film of J. K. Rowling is the wait, but a group of Italian fans for a mid-term a day off taken care of. They brought a home movie that lovers of the sorcerer’s apprentice from all over the world with the silencing strike.

For years, some Italian fans of Harry Potter to their greatest dream: a home movie in the magical world of J. K. Rowling. In her books we read how the Voldemort in his adult life had passed, but these readers decided to focus on his young years to deposit.

Some film students created a small teaser for the Origins of the army: the story of Voldemort (also known as Marten Riddle, the heir of Zalazar Slytherin for the connoisseurs). The film shows how he dreaded warlock that we know of. The student will have the plot or invented, it seems flawlessly in the bigger picture to fit.


As soon as the teaser on YouTube was, everything came in a rapid. That intrigued soon millions of viewers. Before the creators of the well by had, were there votes with all together to submit to the production costs of the film to cover.

But then of course there was one major problem: copyright. Warner Bros was initially quite suspicious and kept the production of the film, afraid that the studentenbedrijfje ‘Tryangle Films’ profits wanted to do with their project. When they realized that it was not the case, they gave up against all odds in their approval.

Immediately beat Harry Potter fans put their hands in each other to raise money for the production costs of a small feature film. After all, it was the only way for the students to the project. In no time they were able to the $ 15,000 together to pick up. Now the result is here.

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