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Family Versace is not happy about tv-series

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The family of Gianni Versace is not with the tv series about the murdered fashion designer, is made. “It is pure fiction,” says the family about the second season of American Crime Story.

American Crime Story: The Assassination or Gianni Versace starting soon in the United States, but the survivors of Versace are not determined to wait on this series. “The family has never given their permission and therefore has no relation to the series, in which the murder of the late Gianni Versace will be featured. Since there is no cooperation, the book on which this series is based, we can say that this is pure fiction,” says a spokesperson of the family.

Based on a book

The producers have responded to the comments of the family. “Just as with the series on O. J. Simpson, which is also based on a book, we are the story that Maureen Oth in 1999, Gianni Versace has written. We stand fully behind. Here and there we have some ‘holes to fill’, but in our opinion the series is very close to the truth.”

Penelope Cruz

In the second season of American Crime Story is the death of Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace central. The famous designer was in 1997, shot in front of his house by serial killer Andrew Cunanan. The leading roles are played by Penelope Cruz, Ricky Martin and Édgar Ramirez.

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