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F1 is still nowhere in the field of social media

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Figures from 2017 to show that the F1 is the fastest growing sport in the area of social media. However, realize the bosses of the sport that despite that growth still nowhere in comparison with other sports.

Last year, the number of followers of F1 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube increased by 54,9% and this under the impulse of the new owner Liberty Media. That spectacular figures made the Formula 1 is the fastest growing sport on the social media.

Those figures are obviously encouraging, but the F1 bosses are under no illusions and realise that there is still a lot of work to be done.

Pat Symonds, which today is part of a group that Ross Brawn should help to the future of the sport is to evolve, to let you know that the good results of 2017 is just the beginning of what is yet to come.

“When you get those figures see do you think that it is good news,” said Symonds at the ‘MIA Entertainment and Energy Efficient Motorsport Conference in Los Angeles. “But in reality, we’re still nowhere. We are still on the back, if you are on Facebook look you will see that Mercedes is about 10 million followers, compared to 95.5 million for FC Barcelona.”

“The same thing we see on the face of the riders. Lewis Hamilton has four million followers on Facebook, Cristiano Ronaldo has 11.8 million. There is still a long way to go but we are now well aware. For Liberty Media the sport has taken over, I don’t think Bernie (Ecclestone) ever thought of.”

Former F1-pope, Bernie Ecclestone has never really believed in the social media. He suggested once that the Formula 1 altogether younger audience needed, and that Twitter is probably earlier than he himself was dead.

That new approach meant especially a relaxation of the strict rules that were once imposed on the teams during the raceweekends. We could also see that the F1 more videos posted online, that meant that the number of ‘views’ with 165% went.

It is remarkable that the most popular rider on the social media, Lewis Hamilton, the last few weeks have been accounts of Twitter and Instagram has cleared. This he did after a storm of criticism when he a video posted online on Instagram of his nephew, who as a princess had dressed up. Hamilton was commenting on said that boys are not as a princess supposed to dress up.

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