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Eddy Zoëy fog Expedition Robinson not

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Eddy Zoëy misses his television career. The presenter and musician will find it even fine that he’s not much on the tube. “Financially I was much better than now, but now I’m happier,” he says in the Telegraaf.

The 50-year-old Zoëy was for many years a fixed face at RTL 5. “Almost every day had my jaw on the tube,” says Zoey in the newspaper. But in 2012, his presentatieklussen less, and he made a trip to SBS 6 the devil’s own hand, The Price is Right. Then it was Zoëy only sporadically on the tube.

Expedition Robinson

Eddy was from 2009 to 2012 the host of Expedition Robinson until he suddenly had to make room for Dennis Weening. His dismissal deserved no beauty prize, he found at that time. Now he thinks it is less bad that he pushed aside. “It is a great program, respect for the creators, but it is a huge long stretch of nothing to do for the presenter. I have once calculated that I’d one day Take Me Out-shots, we took 6 episodes per day, more than in the two months that I for Robinson on such an island was.”

Ex on the beach

Currently Zoëy is mainly working on his own music. As he tours the country with his theatre show. He is also the director of Ex on the Beach on MTV and he provides his voice to television channel National Geographic for several documentaries.

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