Drug overdose cause of hospitalization Barbie

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It does not go well with the realityster ©ANP

Realityster Samantha de Jong, better known as Barbie, is last Friday at home outside of awareness affected by excessive drug use. Reports that manager Jake Hampel Tuesday on behalf of the family of 28-year-old Samantha. At this moment they are in reasonably good health, and she puts her recovery continues in a specialist clinic.


Hampel calls on everyone realityster a rest for her recovery. “The first and sole interest of the family is to Live in peace to recover. That is also Samantha’s wish. That can only happen if the circumstances surrounding her stay, and her person and the family are quiet. Therefore, we ask that anyone with clamp, fans and press, to Samantha, Michael, the children and the family now rest. Finally Samantha and the family thank everyone who support has expressed.”


After Samantha last Friday at home unconscious was found, she is immediately transported to the hospital. A day later she was out of danger. The two children that Samantha has with her ex Michael are cared for by their father and the family of the Hague.

Barbie lived at odds with RTL, they claimed that the broadcaster hair if a utensil has been used, and that they did not again of the money that they’re using her money. They made in 2010 its televisiedebuut with Oh Oh Cherso and was later seen in twelve realityprogramma. In 2017 loved the collaboration and she ended up in the assistance.

Response RTL

RTL reports that the very shocked about the situation around Samantha. Recently left the Hague is very critical of the way in which RTL with her was handled. This transmitter has the reality soaps with her broadcast. ,,We have recently, as a result of the expressed dissatisfaction, have a good conversation with Samantha about her well-being”, the spokeswoman for the sender know.

RTL is the right and necessary” that there is a debate about the responsibility of the media for participants to realityprogramma. “We see it as our task to carefully deal with the people who participate in our programs. That is an interaction between the candidates, the producer and us. There are frequent conversations about conducted with all parties involved.” As a result of the emergency treatment of ‘Barbie’ took the criticism on the genre and the role of the channels in the past days significantly.

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