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Belgian aflossingsploeg surprised with second place in mixed relay at Great Edinburgh Xcountry

The Belgian aflossingsploeg consisting of Isaac Kimeli, Sofie Van located just a short wal, Jeroen D’hoedt and Renée Eykens is surprising as the second ended in the mixed relay at the Great Edinburgh Xcountry, one of the most prestigious cross-country in the world.

In each team were in Scotland, four athletes, two men and two women, the price of 1,000 meters. Isaac Kimeli went like a rocket for Belgium. In the middle of the match he struck even a sore, but that he had to be in the final releasing. Kimeli was handsome stand and gave the baton as the first to Sofie Van located just a short wal.

Of located just a short wal had especially in the first few meters withdrew and fell back to fourth place. With a strong finish she could the gap with the top three eventually, of course, limited. Jeroen D’hoedt was the biggest surprise in the Belgian camp. He comes from a difficult period after the umpteenth injury, but knew in an international field of four to two to advance. Slotloopster Renée Eykens was not against the British world champions Laura Muir, but defended with verve, the second place. Belgium was second, after Great Britain and before the European selection.

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