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Barbie happier in the assistance

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Samantha de Jong since some time around social welfare, but the realityster is not bothered at all. They appreciate much more what they get.

Samantha, better known as Barbie, made her utterance on the YouTube-channel of cosmetic specialist Diana Gabriels.

Small bits

Previously earned Samantha is pretty as a star of its own RTL-realityseries, but that time is behind her. The revenue went from gold mountain to bits, but she’s not very: “I am now much happier than that I have a lot of money and can buy everything. I was much less happy when I had, like villas, cars and a lot of money.”


If reason calls Samantha the fact that they are less more realize how valuable things are: “I can now be myself and see that my children are also much happier. I appreciate now the things, you know. I can now much happier as I have.”

TV work

It seems that Samantha’s tv career is, but really too sorry about it is not to the fact that RTL will not realityreeksen around her life planned: “If your tv works, you lived and you have to sometimes do things where you are not behind, but yes, I am happy now.”

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