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Autosportlegende Than Gurney died

Autosportlegende Than Gurney Sunday at the age of 86 died of the consequences of a pneumonia.

Gurney won races in F1, IndyCar, Nascar, Can-Am, Trans-Am and the 24 hours of Le Mans. That last race he wrote in 1967 in his name.

In the F1 drove Gurney for Ferrari, BRM, Porsche, Brabham, McLaren and Eagle. At Eagle built by Gurney himself in the sf and he was the first American in an American car in Europe an F1 race and managed to win.

The Company also prints now still left his mark on the sport. In the Indycar, he, after all, aerodynamic flaps on his car then the name ‘Gurneys’ are present. Today, they are still in a lot of autosportklassen used.

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