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Antwerp stops chain of victories of Mountains, Eddy Casteels debuts in Leuven defeat

Antwerp is Saturday on the fifteenth day of the Belgian basketbalcompetitie with 78-81 going to win on the parquet of Mons-Hainaut, that an end will see a series of three consecutive victories. Eddy Casteels suffered on his debut at the head of Leuven Bears a narrow thuisnederlaag against Aalstar (74-75).

Antwerp comes after his fourth victory in a row at the same height with the Henegouwers. Both clubs won nine duels, but the Giants played two games less and therefore need to settle with the fourth place. Mountains shares the second place with Aalst, which is little surplus had against red lantern Leuven. Also, novice coach Eddy Casteels was the thirteenth seizoensnederlaag of the Bears does not resolve.

Brussels got to the coast a 79-52 defeat to the ears of the unapproachable pride of Ostend, that his fifteenth victory in as many races, posted. Limburg United had finally, very few problems with Willebroek (76-96). Friday had already won Charleroi in Liege with 98-104.

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