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Also in Otegem, there is no measure on Sanne Cant

490bca2f9351b907d746573e86a0119f - Also in Otegem, there is no measure on Sanne Cant

The day after her ninth consecutive Belgian veldrittitel Sanne Cant also in Otegem the flowers get caught. In a grueling contest by the inclement weather had Sanne Cant, among more Christine Majerus and Ellen van Loy. For Cant, it is already their fourteenth victory.

It was Ellen Van Loy who has the best start took with the Luxembourg Christine Majerus and world champion Sanne Cant in her wheel. This is hard to beat, pretty soon a gap on the rest of the field. Christine Majerus took the command away, hit a gap, but on a greasy strip managed Sanne Cant managed her wheel to address. For Ellen Van Loy it all went too fast. Yet for halfcross slew Of Loy even against the plain which resulted in her winning chances all the way through the nose drilled saw. Sanne Cant continued to be hefty to pass and pulled the final lap with a lead of about 10 seconds on Christine Majerus.

The world champion was not in trouble and thus laid an attachment on her fourteenth victory of the season. Majerus consolidated her nearest place of honor and Ellen Van Loy was the third place. Sanne Cant as the Luxembourg Christine Majerus as eindlaureate of the sixth edition of Weversmisdagcross.

“It pushed hard, and the wind and the rain made it very difficult,” said Sanne Cant, after the match. “I quickly had a hole and decided not to wait any longer. It was so heavy and difficult that it was every man for himself. I had clearly not suffering from the BK yesterday. Whether I’m in my best form? I am already very good, but it can be better. I expect some groeimarge after the recent placement. I still have a margin towards the world CHAMPIONSHIPS.”

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