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A new huistekenaar for The Standard

1821414da9b8bc92b8b2a4f185279ae4 - A new huistekenaar for The Standard

You look at the first cartoon by Kamagurka for ‘The Standard’. Now, he appears three times a week in the newspaper.

He drew and draws around the world, day after day, week after week. Humo, Le Soir, the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, De Groene Amsterdammer, Vrij Nederland, the German Stern , and Titanic, the French Charlie Hebdo formerly Hara-Kiri, in The New Yorker in the US, he has Wikipedia pages in seven languages. He draws some 40 drawings per week, for more than 40 years at a stretch. That are more than 100,000 published drawings.

Now appears Kamagurka also in The Standard, three times per week: on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Every Monday he looks also into his crystal ball and predicts in a video on our website the week that comes. And once a month you can, too, via our website, engage in a dialogue with Kama the stand-upcartoonist. About that you can find out more soon.

As little as possible likes

In an interview with dS Weekblad says Luc Zeebroek that he ‘never wanted to shock to shock’. “It was me, I think, just to communicate. I wish reaction. My work is language. Word and image are incorrectly disassembled. For me it is a word, an image and an image to a word. Moreover, there is me always yet to play. I wish, above all, play. Especially with Herr Seele. We found each other in the dadaism. It was necessary codes to break and so things in motion. That is at odds with it at this time. For me it feels very tegennatuurlijk, all the young people who create something that they as much as possible likes like to collect. How bizarre. I would rather something made for which I, as little as possible likes. So I even Youtube was removed. Do you understand?’

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