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Airbags compulsory for motorcyclists at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS

a6b72a020b28eed675c993a91be34d64 - Airbags compulsory for motorcyclists at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS

All the bikers who participate in the world cup motorsport from this year obligatory racing clothes to wear which the airbags sit.

The International Motorsportfederatie FIM made Thursday the new rules are known. The airbags should, in any case, the shoulders and the collarbones of the riders to protect in one fell swoop. Protection on the back is not mandatory, but if a manufacturer chooses to airbags in the racepakken, the entire spine is covered.

For all the fixed riders in the MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 are racepakken with airbags mandatory. The motorcyclists that with a wildcard to participate in a Grand Prix, do not need such special suits to wear. The raiders for their first two races exempted from the new rules, but must then also such suit to wear. The FIM has drawn up a list with requirements that the suits must meet.

Next season will start with Xavier Siméon (MotoGP), Livio Loi (Moto3) and Barry Baltus (world CHAMPIONSHIPS, junior and Rookie Cup) three Belgian riders of the company Zelos with the Spanish team Reale Avintia Racing in the world CHAMPIONSHIP motorsport.

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