Unique photos of a very young Prince

a96cc2e0e043f128e8c0f076b1b6e77f - Unique photos of a very young Prince

Once, very long ago, was Prince not yet a famous pop star and he had to be very hard to do his best to break through. Still saw some of the people at that time, he has a particular talent. For example, photographer Robert Whitman.

Prince himself had only recorded a demo for the song Soft & Wet, and was still not gone beyond the occasional play in the studio with the band 94 East. Robert Whitman saw in him nevertheless a star in the making and made a series of photos of the then 18-year-old musician.

It has something special to someone, that is so much part of the contemporary popular culture, to see as a teenager. No one could then suspect what genius of music Prince would make in the decade after the taking of the photos. Fortunately, shared Whitman recently these great photos with the magazine I-D.


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