The best of 2017, according to a Mixed Grill

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The year is almost over. Time to look back. We do this with all the beautiful things that by 2017 all of us brought.

Most beautiful song

The most beautiful song of the year choosing is still difficult. A lot of listening sessions came to pass, but still Bleeding Blue the Woods to the top. It is a number that you can still hear, and still remains sound. Especially the trumpet of Bleeding Blue is a very fine number.

Most impressive album

In July 2016 died Geneviève Castrée of pancreatic cancer. Her husband Phil Elverum processed the pain and the emptiness after her death to be a very impressive album that he released under the name Mount Eerie. A Crow Looked at Me he describes in oppressive manner in the life of someone who just left behind. Not an album that you can run. Take your time, listen to the lyrics a pair of headphones and please keep in mind that a few tears must wegpinken.

Best concert

Unfortunately I was not present at Mount Eerie at Le Guess Who? The chance was large that occur at the top of my list for this year had come. Fortunately last year I have a lot of beautiful live seen. My favorite was the rapper Vince Staples at the Sziget Festival in Budapest. Already a few days I was enjoying the great atmosphere in Budapest. Good music, good food, friendly people, everything you at a festival need. And then suddenly, just after midnight, in the large tent behind the main stage there is Vince Staples.

In a very minimal setting, where only the silhouette of the rapper’s visible, the fires he is the one after the other stunner on the public. The dope beats from the album Big Fish Theory sound live is even more dangerous. The basses are loeizwaar and the raps sound like a verbal barrage. In the tent there’ll be a huge moshpit, and despite the fact that I have an expensive camera with me, I jump between. I can’t otherwise.

Best show of the year! @vincestaples @szigetofficial #sziget #sziget2017 #vincestaples

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Best playlist

Earlier I was listening to the radio, then to albums on cassette, LP or CD. Now do I listen to the most music playlists. The best part of this year is without a doubt Kink Mixties. Regularly select Maartje Jansma the best from the 60’s and mixes it with psychedelic and garage from then until now. Each edition contains new musical surprises.

Best film

The film this year made the biggest impression was a Good Time by Benny and Josh Safdie. Actor Robert Pattinson shows that he can do more than the pretty boy hang out and plays a petty criminal who his brother is trying to liberate after a robbery. Everything is right about this film: the acting, the story, the characters, the camera work and the haunting music of Oneohtrix Point Never. As a bonus, I saw the movie in the coolest cinema of the USA, while enjoying a craft beer and a serving of deep-fried pickles (yes, that is nice).

Most beautiful book

The wear is still there on Haruki Murakami. The Murder of Commendatore – part 1 is in all respects a genius. A whopping 500 pages long you can read everything and you know nothing yet. Part 2 follows in January 2018. The bar for that year is already very high.

Best tv series

The headline says best TV-series, but I mean, of course, Netflix. 2017 was the year in which the regular tv forever goodbye is said. Netflix has no commercial breaks, annoying BN-ers and stupid games, but a lot of good series. Unfortunately, the offer in terms of movies and all, but this is fortunately the cinema.

Aziz Ansari made the best series of the year. Are Master of None has a perfect balance between humor and serious topics. The series entertains and encourages to ponder and enjoy. In addition, the choice of music is nothing more than genius, to name a few.

Most impressive art

I have a lot of beautiful art this year. I visited festivals, exhibitions and museums in different countries. The biggest impression of the Bardomuseum in Tunis. In 2015, this was the location of a terrorist attack by members of IS. Because of this, it has since been quiet in the museum. Cities like London and Paris have picked this up, but almost no one dares even to Tunis.

In the empty halls of the museum I found myself admiring the most beautiful collection of Roman mosaics in the world. These mainly originate from the legendary city of Carthage. Impressively large and exquisitely detailed. This is art that after 2000 years, still can move us. The context in which I saw it, made it even more impressive.

Best food

This is an easy one, because recently I paid a visit to the best restaurant of our country: the de Librije. I am for years a vegetarian and that is when a lot of restaurants have a problem. Not in the Librije. At the top of the menu is featured, namely, a Groentemenu. After a few rapidly following each other amuses the taste buds ready for 7 courses with dishes such as steak tartare of watermelon or bloemkoolhart with madrascurry and currants. Genius is an understatement. The matching wines culinary festival complete.

Best video game

Without a doubt: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch. A great game on a great console. Hours and hours I wandered through Hyrule. Sometimes directed into action to save the world, but often also to just what to climb, to struggle, or cooking.

Most beautiful journey

For Mixed Grill I have in 2017 a lot of travel. The most extraordinary was surely the combi to New York and Iceland. Both locations are overwhelming. New York because of the cultural and culinary offerings, the impressive architecture and great shopping (Barneys in bet special). Iceland because of its wild nature and extremely friendly people. Best of both worlds.

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