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Leo Blokhuis over the Top 2000

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Between Christmas and new year’s eve is on NPO Radio 2 Top 2000. In the same period, shall transmit to the NTR every day on NPO 3 Top 2000 a gogo, with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and Leo Blokhuis. We asked Leo to his musical taste.

Text: Vanessa Vunderink

You have this year also voted. How variable is your list?
“A number of songs on my list, such as Think of Aretha Franklin, Paranoid android by Radiohead and God only knows by The Beach Boys. The rest varies. As a tribute to the late Tom Petty, I have this year a number of him in it. Freedom of Beyoncé, I find a crazy picture. I think Beyoncé is one of the greatest artists of this moment. Except that her shows are breathtaking beautiful, her music is very exciting in each other. The soul of today. What this song extra special is that there is a personal story behind it.”

What number would you like to higher?
“In a general sense, the list of me, however, what is more colorful; he is very white. If you like the top 100 look at it, there is only a handful of songs from black artists, and often not containing the classics. A pity, because that variety makes the music quite exciting. Without black influences, we would still here the clog dance. Therefore, gun I the this year deceased Chuck Berry, one of the founders of the rock’n ‘ roll, a strong advance.”

People complained that the Top 2000 minor change. Do you agree?
“No. If you have the lists of the past few years, in addition to stacking, you will see definitely developments. Only should we focus often on the top five, and which, indeed, seems to be in concrete. But I don’t understand, however, that Bohemian rhapsody (Queen), Stairway to heaven (Led Zeppelin) Hotel California (The Eagles) as high as were good records. Discussion, you will always keep, that makes the Top 2000 fun. But this is where a large part of the Dutch people like to listen to. You can not expect that everyone within a year’s time, his taste has drastically suffered.”

What is your ultimate number 1?
“John, I am glad that I have my favorietenlijstje to twenty have managed to reduce. They are really when with me. But if I now need to call: Try a little tendresse of Otis Redding.”

For Top 2000 a gogo, you have a number of movies – the story behind a song – made. Tell…
“The meeting with Alice Cooper was a lot of fun. We were already long behind him and were happy that we could finally interview. He turned out to be very nice and a good storyteller. It has a great story delivered. On an other way, is quite surprisingly I found the interview with Benny Anderson of ABBA, on The day before you came. As a former ABBA-fan, I was in the assumption that there is an emotional love story behind it, about the frictions between the two couples. But he denied that quite firmly. Stronger still: he remembered just barely that he had written. How nice the man was, was a sobering encounter it was, haha.”

Top 2000 a go go – daily from 26 t/m 31 dec. • NPO 3, 19.25
Heroes of the Top 2000 to Sunday 31 dec. • NPO 3, 23.35 hours

Leo’s Top 2000 list (in random order)

Otis Redding – Try a little tendresse
Aretha Franklin – Think
Radiohead – Paranoid android
The Beach Boys – God only knows
Queen – Killer queen
Beyoncé ft Kendrick Lamar – Freedom
David Bowie – Heroes
Paolo Nutini – Iron sky
Paul Simon – Still crazy
Tom Petty – I won’t back down
The Beatles – Something
Tom Waits – In the neighborhood
Robert Wyatt – Shipbuilding
Stevie Wonder – Pasttime paradise
Rolling Stones – Memory motel
Typhoon – Hourglass
Nick Drake – Northern sky
Harry Nilsson – One
O’Jays – Backstabbers
Midlake – Roscoe

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