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Why the speech of Oprah Winfrey as presidential sounded

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Of ‘goose bumps’ to ‘tears’, from ‘legendary’ to ‘presidential’: the enthusiasm about the speech of Oprah Winfrey at the Golden Globes is great. What made her speech so impressive?

The Washington Post called it ” a historic speech, where you goose bumps of got. Director Ron Howard did on Twitter know that he has a tear had wegpinken after it is ‘likely …

The Washington Post called it ” a historic speech, where you goose bumps of got. Director Ron Howard did on Twitter know that he has a tear had wegpinken after the ” to be probably the most exceptional and inspiring time ever at an awards ceremony.’

When Oprah Winfrey last night the award ceremony of the Golden Globes, the Cecil B. DeMille trophy received, she gave a speech that many will long remember. The American tv presenter and actress is the first black woman to this award.

In place of God to thank, brought Winfrey pays tribute to the #metoo-movement, which arose after the scandal around Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. With her speech, reeg them the standing ovations of the elite of the Us tv and film industry together. Did last year that is still as if nothing was wrong.

The internet it was prompt that they candidate should be in 2020, the first female American president to be: #Oprah2020 and #oprahforpresident were trending on social media. Penalty speech. And it is this.

She gives history lesson

It is always presidential to the dead and living heroes to honor in your speech. Obama made a sport of his speeches, starting with events long before his birth took place.

Also, Winfrey’s speech is full of historical references. She refers to Recy Taylor, a black woman who in 1944 raped by six white men, and later became active in the civil rights movement. She refers to Sidney Poitier, the first black actor who, in 1982, the Cecil B. DeMille trophy. She refers to the black burgerrechtenactiviste Rosa Parks, who in 1955 her seat on the bus refused to cede to whites.

“With all the references she posts her speech in historical perspective,” says Kristof Geutjens, director of Communications of the minister of Work, Kris Peeters (CD&V) and co-founder of Speech!, an organization that speechschrijven in Flanders aims to professionalize. ‘Actually, she says: this is also a turning point. And that we must work together to seize. Her speech sounds more like that of a presidential candidate than a president. She formulates ideas leading to a new social reality should lead, that no woman yet #metoo must say.’

She is personally

Also popular with political men and women of great stature: highlight that you are of humble origin. Oprah, who as a child of a single mother in poverty, grew up, began her speech with the description of how she as a little girl Sidney Poitier in 1964 ‘from their cheap sofa ” on tv as the first black actor an Oscar saw win. She tells how her mother came home, tired of other people’s houses to clean’. She’s talking about women who are ‘as my mother used to years of abuse have endured because they their children to eat had to give’. It was also the “golden rule” of Obama’s former speechschrijver Jon Favreau: ideas to make your concrete by about to tell people.

‘The amazing thing is that she personally is, but that it is ultimately not to her running, ” says Geutjens. ‘For a thank you that was very special. She involves the whole of society.”

She brings as an accomplished actress (but still himself)

A speech is a piece of theatre. Winfrey brings her speech as if everything is on the spot come up while you’re there, of course, the thunder can say that there are hard to create. With her gaze, intonation and voice she plays on the emotions of the audience.

Also tropes of ancient rhetoric, such as paradox, three-step approach and repetition clearly have no secrets for her. “Their time is up,” she says, about men misusing their power. And she says it’s not a coincidence three times in a row. The tricks which they have the hearer attentive.

She gives hope

A memorable speech is a call to action. Just think of the ‘Yes, we can ” of Obama.

“I want all the girls now know that there is a dawn of a new day has come,” says Winfrey at the height of her speech. That ‘new dawn’, how cliché, is her ‘Yes, we can”. Winfrey calls for community building. “It is about a heavy theme, but optimism is paramount,” says Geutjens. ‘This puts them against the rhetoric of a Trump, that fear and a we-against-zijverhaal central place. Oprah talks barely about the men that women abused. She has on the victims and on all the men and women who want change.’

They won’t let himself be distracted

It distinguishes great orators of modest talkers: when the audience applauds, just continue to further speeches. And so it remains even Oprah keeps on talking between all the standing ovations. ‘That is as difficult as they are daring, ” says Geutjens. Only very experienced speakers can do that.’

But what after all the beautiful words?

The chance is minimal that the speech is the beginning of a political career marks. Oprah has to Bloomberg , meanwhile, denied that they have presidential ambitions. In the past she has called, among others, Barack Obama openly supported.

Sure is that there is a growing group of Americans in need is growing at a president who is more presidential in behavior. And who can give a speech like a pro.

Winfrey’s life partner, Stedham Graham, was already in the wings of the Golden Globes a glimmer of hope for the believers in #Oprah2020. “That is definitely the people,” he said, when the LA Times asked him to any presidential plans. ‘They would certainly do so.’

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