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BBC under fire after dismissal correspondent: ‘wage Gap too big’

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The BBC correspondent in China, Carrie Gracie, get on because of the gender pay gap in the British public broadcaster is too large. On social media got the corresponding support from various BBC presenters. “The hunger for an honest system is great.”

In an open letter on her website has Carrie Gracie about a ‘mysterious and illegal verloningscultuur at the BBC’. Of the four international topcorrespondenten earn the two men at least 50 per cent more than their female colleagues.

“I have my bosses said that the only acceptable solution would be that all international correspondents the same earn,” writes Gracie. ‘What the correct wage is they need to decide. I have them made it clear that I have no salary increase will, only equal pay. Instead, they offered me a large increase in salary, far below equal compensation remains.’

Gracie called out the BBC on ‘the problem to acknowledge it, to apologise and a fair, transparent and equal verloningssysteem to enter’. The correspondent says that she returns to the tv-editorial, ” where I expect the same to be paid’.

‘Incredible famine’

On social media got Gracie the support from various BBC presenters, that the hashtag #istandwithcarrie launched.

Gracie herself is under the impression of the support. “The support that I the last hours got shows the incredible hunger for an equal, fair, transparent verloningssysteem,” says Gracie on the British Radio 4, in an interview with presenter John Humphrys, which has some 600,000 pounds (670.000 euros) per year will earn four time more than Gracie.

In July, it was already published a report which showed that two-thirds of the 200 highest earners at the BBC to be men, and that the bestbetaalde woman less than a quarter deserving of the wages of the bestbetaalde man.

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