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Cant is worried after a fourth place in Bale, Compton sets victory DVV Trophy safe

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Catherine Compton has Monday in Baal, the sixth round of the IJsboerke Ladies Trophy won. The American reed in the second round away from the opposition, and has performed as a soloist with great display of power to the dagzege. She is with still one round to go are already certain of the overall victory. Sanne Cant was fourth but is worried.

Annemarie Sausage took the holeshot, but after a fall of the Dutch came to Catherine Compton on lead and systematically built the American champion its advantage. At the finish she had 47 seconds ahead of Sausage. Despite back problems seemed to Sanne Cant, after a famous catching up still third, but in the last straight line was Maud Kaptheijns the world champion even beyond the last podium place.

Compton demonstrated on the Balenberg, but her competition was not that rosy started. In the opening round went to the American overkop. “The track was much deeper than I thought and I fell right in a puddle of water. Totally wet I was, but I thought ‘vettiger than this can no more be’. So I went through and actually recupereerde I quickly. It was also just a tough match. No tactics, just hard drive. It feels good to be on the first day of the year to win. It was ‘fun’ today.”

Although it is still but her first victory in the IJsboerke Ladies Trophy is the lead of the U.s. in the standings with one race in Lille is too large to bridge. “I was in every race on the podium. The race, now all bite, is fun. It was a goal for this year.”

Cant leave with worry on stage

Sanne Cant finished Monday in fourth place in Baal, but came again to deal with back problems. “Halfway through the race, broke my spine,” she said after the finish. The world champion will leave with care on a internship to Spain.

The pain in the back for Sanne Cant loomed last Saturday for the first time in the field for the race in Diegem. The problems, however, were for the start fixed and eventually won the world champion also Superprestige-round.

But two days later played back her again causing problems during the seventh round of the IJsboerke Ladies Trophy in Bale. “Halfway through the race, broke my back” was after her fourth place. “To advance the question was how long my back went stand. And that was apparently no forty minutes.”

The race itself was not like the kopvrouw of Iko-Beobank the advance had instilled. “At the start came some wegrensters in the road, so I after a half lap in the twentieth position, the line became, on more than forty seconds of the lead. The calf was actually already drowned. I was eventually fourth. Not a disaster. I end up not on a minute of the winner. But I had wanted to win, that I didn’t succeed.”

Cant leave now with the team at training camp to the Spanish Benicassim. “I’m ten days away. It is time to get the batteries back to recharge after a busy christmas period.”

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