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Antwerp-coach Bölöni after disciplinary soap of two months only 400 euro fine

The Dispute Appeal by the football association gave Antwerp-trainer Laszlo Bölöni an effective fine of 400 euro. The Romanian coach of the Great Old got in the first instance a fine of 2,500 euros and a suspension of two weeks, both with delay.

The doelpuntenloze competition Antwerp-Standard of 26 October, as a party, never to be forgotten for Bölöni. For his ‘tribuneverwijzing’, after he received a ball on the field had kicked, he accepted a 1,000 euro fine, half of them with delay. For his statements afterwards, where he was the performance of referee Bram Van Driessche in doubt could be pulled, he received a penalty of 5.400 euro.

“Bölöni used terms that are not strictly offensive, but rather vague and general. It is clear that he is the French language not fully master”, it sounded like arguments for the custom punishment. “Bölöni must be clear to find for him an appropriate and well-known word.”

The Bondsparket went on 31 October 2017, to disciplinary prosecution, so the whole thing drags for two months. In the first instance brought Bölöni and lawyer Johnny Maeschalck bright to the bondsprocureur, because that beroepte on press articles to the file court. Two weeks later came the sentence: a fine of 2,500 euros and a suspension of two weeks, with deferral. Now is that so for the Dispute to 400 euros, effectively.

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