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Thiam after a win Golden Spike: “European record next season, feasible”

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“This recognition is nice, but the performance on the piste are more important,” hadrat Nafi Thiam after they Saturday in Sint-Truiden, belgium, for the fifth year in a row, the Golden Spike received.

The 23-year-old Belgian, in 2016, olympic champion, crowned this year in Belgrade European champion in the pentathlon and in London to champion on the internet. In may exceeded them in Götzis as the fourth athlete in the history of the magic barrier of 7,000 points. At the end of november was Thiam also by the International athletics federation (IAAF) voted Wereldatlete of the Year. A first, never previously won a Belgian trophy.

Thiam itself will find its performance more important than the prices that they post wins. “When I’m at my season and think, I think of my performance on the piste. That is for each athlete is the most important. It is for these achievements that we work with. This recognition is of course nice, but it remains subordinate to the athletic performance during the season.”

One point that stood out popped this season Thiam difficult. “It is not easy to have a best moment from this past season to choose, I enjoy every moment of it. The Gold Spike is a nice confirmation of my atletiekseizoen.”

Also next season there will be one to look forward to. “I’m not far away from the European record”, sounds. “I still need some points, so I think that will be able to achieve. The world record breaking is somewhat more difficult.”

The European record since 2007 has been in the hands of the Swedish Carolina Klüft, with 7032 points. The personal record of Thiam happen 7013 points.

Her trainer Roger Lespagnard is to say “very satisfied”. “I hope now only that it even better next year.”

Milanov in spite of disappointment, the world cup: “the best year in terms of results”

Discus thrower Philip Milanov, has for the second time a Golden Spike won the men’s. His first gold trophy he won in 2015. Milanov is “very pleased about his constant season”. “It is one of my better years, nay the best year in terms of results,” said the 26-year-old native of bruges. “That Golden Spike is a nice confirmation, but also a great motivation for me.”

Milanov, on the world cup disappointed with a fourteenth place and playing in the qualifications, but showed throughout the year at regular intervals. Eventually, he ended the final standings of the Diamond League as the fourth, enough for a second Gold Spike. Milanov look with a positive look back on this season. “The victory in Shanghai was very nice. Of course, the EK a little bit disappointed, that happens. But overall, I’m definitely happy.”

Philip Milanov combines the sport with his studies digital arts and entertainment’. “I share my year in two and that is good. It is a study which focuses more on the practical part with 3D and animation stuff. I find it very cool to be able to combine with athletics.”

The winter has less to offer for discuswerpers, therefore, bridges Milanov this period with strength and walking exercises. “I’m already on stage for three weeks, to the heat. I can still keep discus in the winter, except when it snows. But currently it is primarily in physical exercises such as walking and strength training that I need to boost for the following season.”

Milanov’s father and coach, Emil Milanov is very, very proud of his son. “When I’m with my right eye, I see my son. With my left eye I see an athlete. And if I put them both opendoe, then I see a very good friend.”

What the following season, concerns remain Milanov and his father/coach is mysterious. “I can have nothing tangible to say, but as Philip always says: our goals are all the competitions.”

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