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Silver for Belgian promises and european-cross-country

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The Belgian promises men have Sunday silver captured in the nation leaderboards of the european CHAMPIONSHIP cross country running in the Slovak Samorin. They finished with three in the first eleven, with Simon Debognies as a luminary on number six. The European title was for the Frenchman Jimmy Gressier.

In a course that is up to two kilometers from the end, rather slow, were the four Belgians are actually continuously in the top ten. In the final dropped the Italian Yemaneberhan Crippa bombs, and invaded the field apart. Debognies was the longest, but also the other Belgians weerden well. In the slot had to Debognies fit for the stage, but he kept his position. Robin Hendrix stuntte on his first-ever championship to the ninth place, Michael Somers was eleventh.

Dorian Boulvin was in the penultimate round against the wind on the head going to the beech, got the therefore heavy, but ended up still creditable fourteenth. Only the French were too strong in the nation leaderboards, the Belgians were easy to the British for silver.

Vanessa Scaunet only 40th

Vanessa Scaunet as forty, ended at the women-promises. The title was for the German Aline Reh, who like her compatriot and topfavoriete Konstanze Klosterhalfen voorbleef.

A good start brought Scaunet immediately where they wanted to sit, and they started around place twenty on the first lap. She then fell little by little, but without ever quite parking. The top twenty, which is actually as selectiemaatstaf gold, for Scaunet going to be difficult, was in advance clear. They also lost in the end some places, but was still on the fortieth place. In the nation leaderboards took the British the Germany. The bronze was for Turkey.

Junior boys fourth

The Belgian juniors boys as a fourth ended in the nation leaderboards, just two measly dots of the bronze. Tim Van de Velde was the first fellow countryman to place eleven, the gold was for the Norwegian sensation Jacob Ingebrigtsen.

Van de Velde snuggled right up front and there was no more road to burn. The absolute best he had in the finale, but in its favour speaks also that he within two years junior. Dries De Smet, last summer good for european CHAMPIONSHIP silver in the 1,500 m, ran a thoughtful race around fifteenth position and held in a sprint some athletes at the meet to sixteenth to finish the race.

The biggest surprise, however, was John Heymans, who has barely a year to athletics. He remained but to move to eventually place 24 to end. The Belgians gathered as 51 points with the three of them, two too many for the stage. Ziad Audah fell systematically back and walked on place 54 in, Lucas Da Silva, was 73rd.

Juniors girls are made for modest opener

The Belgian juniors girls finally had the EK documents opened. Paulien Nelissen was 60th, Mathilde Deswaef, 61. The first European title went to the British Harriet Knowles-Jones, who, outside category.

Nelissen shot away like a rocket and ran into the first few meters all the way in the front in the pack of more than 120 athletes. Then she, whether consciously or not, quickly sagging. Deswaef opted for a more regular build-up and left in the middle of the pack, but that proved a bit ambitious. They got heavier and saw Nelissen, who, after her fast start way in the back was up, closer and closer.

In the castle fought Nelissen and Deswaef a spicy duel to best compatriot to call, and they kept it exciting until the finish. Nelissen turned out to be a bit faster than at her first international experience. Deswaef there has already been a european CHAMPIONSHIP on the track leader.

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