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Handsome places for Belgian men at european CHAMPIONSHIPS cross country running, women’s expectations are not meet

f48e2c618142bdf15fffbb06f5af79e5 - Handsome places for Belgian men at european CHAMPIONSHIPS cross country running, women's expectations are not meet

Soufiane Bouchikhi and Lander Tijtgat at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS cross country running in the Slovak Samorin handsome as the fifth and thirteenth ended. The title went to the Turk Kaan Kigen Ozbilen, for the Spaniard Adel Mechaal and the Brit Andrew Butchart.

Both Bouchikhi if Tijtgat chose to use hard to start. Through the 10.2 km long race, they remained all the time up front to participate, and put both of their strongest results to date down. That they after that strong start is hardly grounds had to concede between the international topgeweld may be a little surprise to be called that.

Bouchikhi, who fought for what he was worth and seemed to be in the final lap even back in the battle for the medals to arrive, but got it in the last hectometers still heavy. Tijtgat, a month ago in the Mole on his 34th his comeback after four years of inactivity due to injuries, kept a great stand. He was in the very best case around 20 expected, but was even seven places better than that.

Belgian women’s expectations does not meet

The Belgian women have the expectations can’t meet. Imana Truyers was 44th, Hanna Vandenbussche, 61. The title was for the Turkish titelverdedigster Yasemin Can, for the Swedish Meraf Bahta and the Norwegian Karoline Grovdal.

Very soon it was clear that Truyers and Vandenbussche is not in the piece would occur. They are there to advance openly doubted that they are the top twenty would make that as a criterion for the selection was used, were right. After a fall in the penultimate round could Truyers still stand on the position that they are for her fall had already taken, but the move was there for our landgenotes despite a not-too-fast start. Vandenbussche was so disappointed that she refused the gathered press. Because the Turkish winner at a much later age of the Kenyan to the Turkish nationality moving and still in Kenya lives, had they, like the past few years, some booing.

With 44 was the european CHAMPIONSHIP cross-country in Slovakia a disappointment for Imana Truyers. The Limburg was especially impressed of the level, and found not that they are themselves to blame. “The level of the European top twenty is a lot higher than I had expected”, says Truyers. “I ran up against my limit, and by the great fatigue, I am in the penultimate round cases. This made the group what went on. The pace was very high today. Actually, I must now honestly admit that the level with us in the CrossCup real peanuts.” They ran in the past few championships in the jeugdreeksen, but it was her first time in the elite.

In the slot could Truyers still what pick. “After my fall, I had to 300m throttle, because I’m out of the rhythm. Then I’ve extracted what there was, and some athletes picked up. I’m proud that I in spite of everything ben keep fighting.”

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