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Antwerp, Telenet Giants win in Brussels, and remains a virtual second

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Telenet Giants Antwerp ended in 2017 with a handsome victory in the vice-champion Brussels. This is the third consecutive victory of the Inhabitants in the EuroMillions The selection of coach Roel Moors draws with 8 on 11 the winterbreak on the second place. Luminary Tyler Kalinoski. The American shooting guard led with 6 to 9 bombs the Giants to the 63-78 profit.

The party started in a minor key for Telenet Giants Antwerp. Brussels, without Alex Lichodzijewski (pink), took over the American forward Mike Smith, over the past two seasons with the Giants, after all, a brilliant start. With the support of Lionel Bosco, that a contract extension until the end of the season got, ran Brussels after 7-0 away to a 12-2 lead. Telenet Giants Antwerp showed, however, the right mindset, let the head hang and came through a burrowing Dave Dudzinski again in the party: 14-8. Tyler Kalinoski dropped two consecutive triples and the Antwerpenaars had after the first quarter still a 16-18 bonus.

Also in the second slider remained the Inhabitants firmly defend. Brussels did not immediately have a solution and Tyler Kalinoski driepunterde with his third and fourth bomb and after 18-26 the Giants to be 22-32. Also Dennis Donkor sat comfortably in the party and the Giants dominated in all areas. After a bomb of Paris Lee flickered one after nine minutes in the second quarter a maximum 27-39 Antwerp bonus on the scoreboard. After the second failure of Dave Dudzinski milderde Brussels to a 30-39 score halfway.

Telenet Giants Antwerp remained in the third quarter fabulous dominate. In the rebound, defensive and especially offensive by different players. Jason Clark scored with two triples his first points, Paris Lee (14 points, 8 assists) continued to be nice and divide and after a 34-48 was the twenties, at 38-58 a fact. In the slotschuifje went after an Antwerp demonstration, and after 44-63 to 49-71. Guy Muya about was, 56-71, but in a redundant final stage, left Telenet Giants Antwerp the handsome victory, of course, no longer in danger.

Brussels-Antwerp Giants, 63-78

Brussels: Loubry 3, Muya 6, Depuydt 0, Peciukevicius 8, Smith 17, J. Foerts 0, Peterson 10, Simmons 9 , Bosco 5, Harrell 5

Telenet Giants Antwerp: Lee 14, Donkor 9, Clark 6, Vanwijn 0, Vervoort 0, Blades 0 , # 0, Akyazili 0, Bako , Kingsley 12, Dudzinski 11, Kalinoski 20

Quarter: 16-18, 14-21, 9-19, 24-20

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