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Videosnack: DWDD celebrates a Perfect Day

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Lou Reed made in 1997 for the BBC, an all-star version of his hit Perfect day that classic was. Twenty years after it occurred, did DWDD that exceeds its predecessor.

Leen, Leona and the 3Js

For the BBC version drummed Reed in the late 90 international stars as Elton John, David Bowie and Boyzone. DWDD did it with a small army of poldertalenten, all are artists such as Lee Towers (photo), Henny Vrienten, Leona Philippo, the 3Js and opera singer Tania Kross certainly not the least. Even the nation’s most well-known operettezanger Marco Bakker sang a verse or two.

Positive valve

2017 was an eventful year, with mostly negative and bleak-provoking (world)news. To the last 365 days, yet slightly positive, quit, decided Matthijs and his the last DWDD of the year to dedicate to the Perfect day.

Click here for the clip and full list of artists

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