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Kevin Janssens strictly role alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme

a76913dff7f86993d6e7432539baa0e5 - Kevin Janssens strictly role alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme

Two Belgian guys next to each other on the white cloth, that must be sparks. Kevin Janssens is working for his next movie project together with no one less than Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The film, which as yet no title was given, will be directed by Frenchman Julien Leclercq, known for his penchant for actieprenten. The recordings are planned for the spring of 2018.

Van Damme is shaving currently high peaks with his comedy Amazon series Jean Claude Van Johnson , and next year he brings another sequel of the Kickboxer movies. Also Johnson is these days ubiquitous. His recordings for the series On Water and Undercover (Waes), Tueurs now playing in the halls and next year he can be seen in the Dutch film Catacombs and next to Gérard Depardieu in Les This du Monde.

What role Smith will play in this project, is not clear. He is clearly interested in. “I look forward to this work together,’ he wrote with a picture of van Damme on Instagram. Janssens and Van Damme are not the only Belgians in the film: Sam Louwyck is part of the cast, cameraman Robrecht Heyvaert and set designer Geert Paredis strengthen the technical team. Janssens knows them all three still on the set of D’Ardennes in 2015.


?? looking forward to work with this one. #newproject #film #repost #preparing #moretocomesoon

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