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Marc Coucke is modern and warm revolution at Anderlecht, but… “KVO remains my ploegje”

31e4eb64e2d37c9a35fcb74ff176e02b - Marc Coucke is modern and warm revolution at Anderlecht, but... “KVO remains my ploegje”

Marc Coucke has been first – attended press conference given after his takeover of the club Anderlecht. Only on the 1st of march will Coucke the scepter to take over from Roger Vanden Stock, but both men are wanted after the fuss of the past few days the dots on the i’s and went, no topic is out of the way. “If we have the tradition, the grandeur and the class of the past combine with a maybe something more modern and hartelijkere custody, it is very much possible,” says Coucke. “But KV Oostende remains the club of my heart. And a new stadium? Each club has its own stadium.”

Relive here the full press conference of Marc Coucke and Roger Vanden Stock!

This week it hit the news like a bomb: current KVO-chairman Marc Coucke from 1 march with the group of AlyChlo more than 50% of the Anderlecht-shares, a shareholder Joris Ide is a significant minority shareholder. The next two months, the shares will be divided.

“Only intention is to Anderlecht to make”

“I am very proud to be here”, began Coucke his press conference. “It should be very clear that the project that I have in mind with this club, not a project against someone or something is. Not against Paul Gheysens, not against Wouter Vandenhaute. I liked his movie of The Ideal World, funny. This also has nothing to do with players or bricks. Joris Ide is indeed my partner, and Jan Peeters, is a good friend of mine but he was not the mole that is in another project: I have him, except last night, four months is not heard. The only intention is to give Anderlecht a large club.”

“I would like to thank the chairman and the board of directors in order for our project to have. Dare to choose for the project, which the club the most it can grow and not just for the highest bid that symbolizes the class of Anderlecht. On march 1, is Roger Vanden Stock, honorary chairman and I take the torch over from him as chairman of Anderlecht. Until then, I remain president of KV Oostende. During those months, I still have a lot of work in Ostend, there are many meetings on the agenda and I will not be at Anderlecht.”

“KV Oostende remains the club of my heart”

“KV Oostende remains the club of my heart”, stressed Coucke: “I am a forty year supporter has been without a chairman and that is also what there about two months will happen. As chairman I noticed, however, that my ambition is not self-evident was within the club, KV Oostende. The constant increase of the level, the acquisition of vedettes,… KV Oostende is ever against the ceiling colliding and I felt that it might be an unhealthy situation would be.”

“I’m going to do everything to KV Oostende in good hands. There are already very many people who contacted us. They should always Devroe and Orlans contact. In the coming months, we will try to be the best choice for KV Oostende. I will have a lot to KV Oostende. I’m touched by the reactions, also those of anger or disappointment, of their supporters, because that shows that we are a group created from people who incredibly of KVO. That shows that they always would remain loyal to their club.”

“I still don’t know if I people of KV Oostende to here go. In the first instance, I want everyone here to know and respect. However, it is possible that I will be in the next few months here and there, gain remove, but there are currently no arrangements have been made.”

“Everything at Anderlecht is last minute went”

“What Anderlecht is concerned, I would like our team want to thank you that this operation has led. We are very proud that we employed have been able to do. Our plan was very transparent to the board of directors. We have not seen in London… (”I’m not even in London have been”, picked up Vanden Stock in). We have the plan only a few hours before the deadline and submitted to mr. van Biesbroeck of Anderlecht.”

“Of course, there are many questions that I cannot answer, because everything is so last minute is gone. I’ve never had the tour of the stadium and except for the uitmatchen of KV Oostende never had someone spoken here. The people that I’m just at the entry point encountered, I have never in my life seen. The idea to Anderlecht to take over is only matured in the time that we heard that it was for sale (a month ago, red.) and we saw who the different candidates were. I thought maybe there is a better project. There was still that, I had the feeling that KV Oostende once a ceiling was hit, and I wanted to go faster. And as today in The Newspaper was: I have an hour before I started it still asked my wife, ‘we Will not have a project to do this year’?”

“Values of Anderlecht continue”

“But I want the values of Anderlecht continue. Respect for old players, the youth groups that is important… It must also be the idea that self-trained players in the first team. But it must also be some lower threshold. I think there is a good mix and that there are also contacts with the fans still quite a few improvements are possible. If we the tradition, the grandeur and the class of the past combine with a maybe something more modern administration, it is very much possible.”

“I dare Anderlecht compare with the nobility of the beginning of the 20th century. She, who was open for the new world and industrialization, have made it. Those who shut themselves off. With KV Oostende we have four years, and a fantastic trail traveled. Even with a neighbour like Club Brugge. But I think that more potential is. This is the heart of Belgian football.”

“A club has its own stadium”

Anderlecht are struggling for a while with a stadiondossier. Coucke definitely not a solution for: “I did very little research has been done”, he confessed. “I want to be a number of principles report, of which I also do not know how far they are here. The first is that the comfort of fans is very important. The second point is that I have from my experience in Lille know that a club to better his own stadium. If you have your own stadium, you can there are also other kinds of income from it. A private stadium costs less and also the indirect costs run less high.”

“That is the financial aspect, but also the well-being of the fans counts. The stadium need the comfort ensure of the supporters, supporters, partners and sponsors. As Duchâtelet at STVV has done, where the lodges just after the match up to hotel rooms to be transformed in a manner of speaking. But I also want to take into account the opinion of the commercial cell and the supporters.”

Coucke therefore seems to be not won for the piste of a national stadium, that purple and white would hire. “A claim of Gheysens for the Eurostadion? There I go not to comment on that.”

“I will always be myself”

“I will always be myself, even at Anderlecht. I see here not so fast polonaises arise. Warmth and realistic dealing with the numbers having no contradictions. The intention is that Anderlecht what extraverter. We want to do with the warmth a little further to continue, even though some did not. I want to here a friendly club. And of course we go to every match to try to win.”

The books of Anderlecht is not that rosy would be denied the new boss: “I don’t agree with that. The last two years is indeed an imbalance arise. If you have a pair of heavy transfers does it, it seems that accounting might not be in balance. But I think there is a lot of potential for some savings to do so and increase revenues. And no, I don’t mean that the prices of the subscriptions to be increased. On the contrary. And what the next transfer, it will not be evident. I am not going to moeien. But I will me more moeien with the transfers coming summer. And transfers of ten million? Then you have two questions: can Anderlecht that is affordable and has the necessary?”

Vanden Stock: “Vision corresponds to the vision that we always maintained”

“I chose Marc – I can’t Marc say? – because of the way he project presented,” says afscheidnemend chairman Roger Vanden Stock. “I think we made a good decision, that he’s going to have to prove it. I think that the vision of Coucke matches the vision that we always maintained within our club. But he will also have seen that there are many more reporters and cameras than he just is. There will also be more critical. Sometimes positively, but sometimes it will also hurt. Thanks, Marc, that you are about two months Anderlecht will represent.”

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