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European CHAMPIONSHIPS cross country running. Team leader Luk Verlaenen dreams of four times top five

Luk Verlaenen, team leader of the Belgian delegation on Sunday, compete in the european CHAMPIONSHIP cross country running in the Slovakian Samorin, sees four chances on top five. He is referring to Soufiane Bouchikhi and promise Simon Debognies and on the two existing Belgian teams.

“The goal is still for everyone top twenty, Verlaenen again to the selection criteria. “But that will not for everyone is evident. The junior girls are, for example, for the first time with the European level, to measure of them, we don’t expect a top performance.”

High are the expectations for the team classification in the junior and promises to boys. “They are definitely top five worthy, who knows even more. I don’t think we medaillekandidaten, but if you are, say, tenth, fifteenth and twentieth is, maybe you have a medal. Simon Debognies was last year in eighth, and now needs to top five bets.”

Verlaenen in Slovakia two hats on. He is also the coach of Soufiane Bouchikhi, the leader of the Belgian delegation. “Last year he was fourteen, and the shape is significantly better. The form of the four Turks naturalized Kenyans is not clear, but Soufiane would not want to won give. He will go and compete for a ranked top. Outside of the top ten fall would be a disappointment, and also the fifth will not be far away.”

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