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European CHAMPIONSHIPS cross country running. Bouchikhi radiates confidence

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In Belgium it was Soufiane Bouchikhi the past weeks is outstanding, but what is that on the European level means will Sunday show at the european CHAMPIONSHIP cross country running in the Slovakian Samorin. He aims for reasonable to high.

“I’m still nine days to Morocco, has been training, but well I have finished, and feel equipped,” said Bouchikhi after his parkoersverkenning. “The circulation is very fast, but not as fast as last year. To me it doesn’t matter that much, I love every track.”

The Acquisition, which is now in Liège, lives, hopes that the strong wind to his advantage will play. “I suspect the Turks for once, the cat out of the tree, and the first three kilometers will entail. That cold here, they also do not like, so hopefully they are not too hard.”

Bouchikhi thinks his fourteenth place last year, seriously to be able to surpass. “I’m not here for a fifteenth place. As I crossed the finish bowl, I want to be 100 percent broken. I am then eleventh, then so be it, but I see me at least top ten and maybe even top five. If I had my best race course, is the stage not completely out of the question.”

What is the tactical plan? “If one Turk runs away, I go there with that wind certainly not in the rear. But if a small group escapes, I always want to be in. I just need to keep in mind that I’m not inflatable. We are 10.2 miles, a very long time so, and in the second half there may still be a lot.”

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