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Telenet Giants Antwerp should Ostend, Belgium a first defeat in belgian Cup

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Antwerp Giants won (59-57) the heenwedstrijd of the quarter finals of the Belgian Cup of Ostend. Immediately the first Belgian defeat of the season for the kustploeg. Sunday (20: 30) is the return in Ostend. If the Giants lose by one point or a draw to succeed is the bekerstunt against the winner of the last five editions, is a fact. Ostend, in your own home, of course favourite. Charleroi paved the way to the semi-finals with 59-73 profit in Brussels. Sunday (15 hours) is the return in the Spiroudôme.

Antwerp Giants started with three consecutive bombs via Paris Lee, Dave Dudzinski and Hans Vanwijn went to 9-2. The Giants dominated the first quarter and had after the first slide with a 19-10 bonus bite. Oostende picked up a remonte, and found via Elias Lasisi, Jea-Marc Mwema and two bombs of Marko Kuridza the connection: 28-28. The Giants went through Hans Vanwijn and Dave Dudzinski go to the locker room with a 33-28 bonus. By Tonye Jekiri came to Ostend in the third quarter at 36-38 for the first time.

The Inhabitants reacted by Thomas Akyazili and Paris Lee to 44-40. In the slotkwart was coach Dario Gjergja of Ostend at 49-44 excluded. Assistant Thierry Declercq took over and Mike Myers punished Antwerp dispossessions with dunks: 51-53. In the final stage, came to the Giants with two bombs again in the lead (57-53). Mike Myers milderde even for Oostende, but the narrow profit remained in Antwerp. Thursday won Limburg United already with a 108-86.

The Figures sparkle with one and half leg in the semi-finals. Sunday (15 hours) follows the return in the Country Hall in Liège. With Okapi Aalstar-Mons is tonight (20: 30) the last heenwedstrijd of the quarter-finals finished. The second leg is Tuesday in the Mons Arena.

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