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Sanne Cant wins DVV trophy race in Essen, Iserbyt is the best in the promises

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Sanne Cant has Saturday the fourth race in the DVV Verzekeringen Trophy during the women won. The world champion has performed as a soloist in Essen to her fourth victory in a row, after previously the world cups in Bogense and Seven, and the Flandriencross in Hamme. They took it for the British Niki Brammeier and the American Katherine Compton, who did her leadership position reserves in the standings. Eli Iserbyt (Marlux-Napoleon Games) was the primus in the promises, Jarno Bellens (Young Cycling Talent Team) won in the junior and Thibau Nys was the best rookie.

It was Cant, which, like a large part of the mannenpeloton the past few weeks in Spain, staying to train, that bright started in Essen. The European champion took a few lengths on the rest of the pack, but both Nikki Brammeier as Katherine Compton managed to get back on her wheel.

A chasing group with Ellen Van Loy, Loes Sels, Sophie de Boer and Pauline Ferrand-Prévot followed a handful of seconds. The leiderstrio would, however, more and more away from the quartet, where the French knew to take distance from her companions, closer than a fourth place, she would not, however, come after more than two years of farewell from the field – all, she won at the end of november, already a regional cross in La Ferté-Gaucher, and she was third, together with Julien Absalon in a duocross in France.

Front put Cant in the third round her opponents under pressure and eventually they would meter after meter evil. First had Compton what lengths, then it was also Brammeier difficult. Cant showed himself not only on the technical pieces of the strongest, also in the mud, she went out to the fastest forward, and so isolated them to the victory.

The is for Cant the 98th profzege in her career, her fifth victory in Essen. In the position of the DVV Verzekeringen Trophy counts Compton now 3:22 ahead of Brammeier and 4:05 on Helen Wyman. Cant slide on to a seventh place in 9:48, after they gave up in Ronse and not at the start came in the Koppenbergcross due to illness. “I add really to that time,” said the world and European champion. “This number says something about your career and it is a time to look forward to.”

“I am happy that I am here, the victory suit, because after such a stage is always a bit of getting used to be back in the field. In Spain we worked especially endurance training, now you need heart rate for an hour long, but well, after one round I had that good feeling to deal with it.”

For a while, cannot tolerate them Compton and Brammeier beside himself, but in the final had also this duo overboard. “I didn’t really have a big advantage on Nikki, but I just knew that I have no errors if create and on the technical piece in the woods again what to get away.”

Promises: Eli Iserbyt


serbyt, which in the past two weeks on Spanish soil was in with his Marlux-Napoleon Games team, took the best start in Essen and also team mate Thomas Joseph followed quickly, but the acceleration in the beginning was not enough to immediately drive away. Thijs Aerts followed a handful of seconds, and would the connection still make. Joseph had gas take in the front, and the duo let it ride. They made for a nice duel, but in the penultimate round was considered Iserbyt his time and accelerated he. He took several lengths and has performed as a soloist for the victory, for Aerts and Peeters, who, to a third-place reed.

“It is always used immediately after a stage”, says the European beloftenkampioen, “and in the beginning I had some difficult, but gradually it went better during the race, partly because of a materiaalwissel. When I was with Thijs was on the road, I looked what the cat out of the tree and I went after where he has the lesser was. From that moment on the course benefited me in the end and I drove away from him. That internship was definitely important. I felt in the beginning that the condition what it was after the first part of the season. Now we have along with Gianni (Meersman, trainer of Marlux Napoleon Games, red) worked well and I feel ready for the busy christmas period.”

For Iserbyt is the fifth seizoenszege. He also builds his leadership position further in the ranking of the DVV Verzekeringen Trophy where he is now a 4:55 lead count on Yannick Peeters, who finished third in Essen, and 5:57 on Thomas Joseph.

Juniors: Jarno Bellens

All right at the start made Jarno Bellens his intentions clear and he took the lead. The rider, who last week also won in Hasselt, clearly had the good form to tackle and after a quick first round, he gave his lead.

Pim Ronhaar came in the second round, although still just as firmly set up, but without success. He would Bellens not keep up. A battle for victory there was not really, for the places of honor, there was more excitement, and it was the Dutchman Ronhaar that to the second place, we hastened, for the Ryan Camp that the stage completed.

Newbies: Thibau Nys

It is for Bellens his fourth victory of the season. Last week he showed himself the strongest in Hasselt, before he was allowed to cheer in Kessel-Fort and Vorselaar. When the rookie was Thibau Nys to the party. The Belgian champion rode early in the match away from his opponents and took it for the German Tim Neffgen and Mathis Avondts.

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