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Belgian champion should not go to european CHAMPIONSHIPS cross country running and reacts emotionally:

785635731a2a6fc3e941f0931ee63a67 - Belgian champion should not go to european CHAMPIONSHIPS cross country running and reacts emotionally:

The Belgian association of athletics KBAB has Monday the selection for the european cross-country on 10 december in Slovakia published. The senior is chosen for two men and two women, including Belgian champion Isaac Kimeli next to the selection. The total selection consists of sixteen athletes.

Isaac Kimeli was not in the qualifying Roeselare Sunday, but if the bond would choose for a full team of four athletes, his performance is still just enough. That did the KBAB not. The men are only allowed to Soufiane Bouchikhi and Lander Tijtgat to Slovakia, Thomas De Bock and Isaac Kimeli in addition to attacking the team.

Also in the women opted for a duo. Imana Truyers and Hanna Vandenbussche will represent our country at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS. When the promises of men there is a team, consisting of Michäel Somers, Robin Hendrix, Dorian Boulvin and Simon Debognies. With the promises of women is only Vanessa Scaunet selected. In the junior girls are allowed to Mathilde Deswaef and Paulien Nelissen for a trip to Slovakia to format. In the junior boys finally allowed up to five athletes to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS: Ziad Audah, Dries De Smet, John Heymans, Lucas Da Silva and Tim Van de Velde.

“The bond has its own rules not respected”.

Tim Moriau, the coach of the numbers three, four and five in the seniores men Sunday in Roeselare, does not agree with the Belgian selection. Are athletes Thomas De Bock, Isaac Kimeli, and Bashir Abdi have all three at home.
Especially with the non-selection of reigning European beloftekampioen and also the current Belgian champion Kimeli has Moriau a problem.

“In the selection criteria clearly state that performance of last summer in charge. That has not happened. I do not agree with the selection. Isaac is also the outgoing European beloftekampioen.”

Moriau has even more arguments. “There is in the selection criteria that there is a full team will be sent out as there is potential for top six in the nation leaderboards. Soufiane Bouchikhi and Lander Tijtgat are selected on the basis of their individual potential to be a top twenty pick, then you have the correct one needed someone around the age of 45. That can Isaac always. The association has its own rules are not respected.”

“He reacted emotionally and feels some treated. He is there every year and has recently out-of-pocket invested for a hoogtestage to South Africa. The money from the bond was on. And about the selection we have, to date, still nothing yet of the federation heard of it.”

“There is apparently not taken into account off-day or bad luck”

Meanwhile, responded Kimeli himself on his Facebook page: “I am very disappointed with this decision. There is apparently no account is taken of athletes who were once a lesser day, or have bad luck. In addition, it is very regrettable that this decision was made based on one game.”



Seniors men: Soufiane Bouchikhi, Lander Tijtgat

Seniors women: Imana Truyers, Hanna Vandenbussche

Promises men: Michäel Somers, Simon Debognies, Robin Hendrix, Dorian Boulvin

Promises for women: Vanessa Scaunet

Juniors men: Ziad Audah, Dries De Smet, John Heymans, Lucas Da Silva, Tim Van de Velde

Juniors women: Mathilde Deswaef, Paulien Nelissen

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