Top 2000: from young to old, from Queen to Eminem

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It’s almost that time of year: the time of the Top 2000. The track list is for the nineteenth time to hear on Radio 2. But to get the list together, there must first be tuned. And there we have only one week time for it.

Paul Rabbering drive with colleague Frank van ‘t Hof the Netherlands to ensure that there is tuned. “It’s going very well,” says Rabbering. “We are this morning in Beilen started. People deliver their stemlijstjes, all the way issued.” No time to vote? Also than help the ‘Busboys’ you from the fire. “We have this morning a maths lesson taken, so that the teacher could vote.”

The Top 2000 is for many people, the tradition, notes Rabbering. “At its core it is just a chart, but the feeling and atmosphere that come with make it so special. It is a huge event.” That has certainly also to do with the period in which the list is to be heard, the last week of december. “At the end of the year, people want to have something in common to do, this is a list of the music taste of all of us.”

Not only classics

Although the list is primarily dominated by older songs, the Top 2000 is definitely not only older listeners. “The target group of Radio 2 is normally in the age range 35-55, during the Top 2000 is that really 8-88,” says Rabbering. “What’s very fun to notice is that young people really old music. Many of the young people that I talk to also say that they are going to vote.”

But there are definitely not only classics in the list. Rabbering: “The list is in progress, each year new numbers in. You can see the trends of the past year, for example, numbers of artists who have died. So I hope that Linkin Park Numb comes in. Also, May I Have This Dance , by Francis and the Lights deserves a spot.” And what 1? “Look, Bohemian Rhapsody , I find, is really not the most beautiful song of Queen, but it is a masterpiece. But actually it is not going to that number 1 position. The best part is that you have for yourself determines what you are the best songs. If you are then the Top 2000 is listening, you can say: hey, there, I have contributed to that.”

Alex (29) is an avid radioluisteraar. “I got it from my dad. Radio 2 was always on.” As a 15-year-old, he found that terrible – mainly because his father off the beat sang – but he now has the virus taken over. “Not that everything of the past per se is better. But I find the music that is in the Top 2000 is generally more beautiful and richer than what is usually on the radio is over.” There are a few songs where Alex each year on agree to and that are indeed free old hits: Everybody Needs Somebody by The Blues Brothers, Turn Turn Turn by The Birds, Sharp Dressed Man from ZZ Top, and Let The Music Play Barry White. The ‘youngest’ song is Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Kasper (27) calls himself a muziekgek which is normally not really radio listening. “Then you hear every two or three hours of the same songs, the hits of the moment. I line prefer what I hear.” When listening to the Top 2000 plays this is not, says Kasper. “It’s radio without a week not once same to hear and I think that is fine.” But nostalgia certainly plays a role. “My parents had him fifteen years ago. Because of this, I have a lot of music to learn. In particular Dire Straits, but also Supertramp and The Beatles. I also think it is fun to now more and more music from the time of my own youth to hear back. Linkin Park and Eminem, but also, for example, the Pokémon Theme Song. My first different dual turntable stand between them.” What Kasper is concerned deserve the Dire Straits with Telegraph Road, Liquido with Narcotic and The Verve with Bittersweet Symphony anyway a place in the list.

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