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The story of the sixth woman on the cover of Time

c9707a1e757929db71da0bcac00c9797 - The story of the sixth woman on the cover of Time

The cover of the American magazine Time was Wednesday around the world. On the photo: five women who everybody represent that the taboo around sexual abuse and challenging behaviour has been broken. But there is still a sixth woman in the picture.

If you look closely, you will see that there are actually six women on the cover. And just who is sixth, the anonymous woman is possibly the most ultimate symbol for the #MeToo movement.

At the bottom right on the photo, one arm is shown. That is a young woman who works in a hospital in the Us state of Texas. The woman was the victim of sexual harassment by a superior, but testified anonymously against Time. she feared that if her testimony publicly would do, this can have a negative impact on her family.

They, therefore, without a face on the cover and they will also remain anonymous inside the magazine, where the women of the word come. “But its presence is a sign of solidarity, and it represents all the people who have not been able to come up with their story or their identity.’

“Why have I not responded?’

To Time says the 28-year-old woman how they have all of the details reminds of what its is to happen. She couldn’t stop thinking if she somehow had been able to avoid. “Why have I not responded? I was just thinking if I done something or had said, or I in some way had looked which he thought was okay was to do what he did, ” says the woman in Time. “I feel every day how his hands on my body understood. I still know which T-shirt I have that day wore.’

‘Eerily similar stories’

The anonymous woman is, together with actress Ashley Judd, singer Taylor Swift, Uber-engineer Susan Fowler, a lobbyist Adama Iwu and Mexican immigrante and aardbeiplukster ‘Isabel Pascual’ (her name was changed to keep her identity and family protection) on the cover of Time.

‘At first glance could these women couldn’t be more different’, it sounds in Time. “Their age, their religion, their families, their ethnicity, their income … it was all The different worlds. But on that morning in november was what made them different made a lot less important than what they brought: similar experiences.”

Good or bad

Every year since 1927 choose the leading magazine Time ‘s ‘Person of the Year’. That title goes to the person or to a group of people that the news is (almost) the past year the most have influenced, in a good or in a bad way. This meant, among other Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Mark Zuckerberg, the ebolastrijders, Adolf Hitler, Richard Nixon, and Pope John Paul II already have that title.

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