Sylvie Meis dismissed by RTL to its German?

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Seven seasons she presented the popular dance show Let’s Dance, but now it is Sylvie Meis fired at RTL Deutschland. That confirms a spokeswoman for Sylvie to the AD as a result of coverage in the German newspaper Bild. Her German would be under the size. But it is her German really so bad?


“I think it’s unlikely,” says sterrenmanager Xenia Kasper, who is himself of German ancestry, but for years lives and works in the Netherlands. “Sylvie has been living for years in Germany, so her German is getting better and better. Of course, you are always an accent to hear, that I have also. Perhaps, however, there is now a change in the management, so that it is there now anyway to bother.”

“Of course, there were always people who, after the broadcast on the social media jokes made about my accent, but I never thought that my German the end of our cooperation would mean” respond to Meis in the Bild. “I am incredibly disappointed. I loved the show, I felt always good and I am very sad that it’s over now. We were like a big family”.

According to RTL was the lack of German of Meis not in fact the main reason they will be replaced by the 24-year-old Victoria Swarovski. RTL wanted the program to refresh.

Das Supertalent

Meis now has no programs in Germany. Two years ago she was already by RTL dismissed from the program Das Supertalent, the German Holland’s Got Talent. Then, the transmitter is still on that Sylvie is very important for the station, and they would soon be talking about new projects. But as it looks now, the German television career of Meis provisionally passed.

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