Skepta makes a mobile studio of a Rolls-Royce

f73f9506abe85eb56d42409c8a50af89 - Skepta makes a mobile studio of a Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce shuffles the neat image of themselves through a collaboration with Skepta. The rapper with the honor to be the new Rolls-Royce V12 Phantom VIII in first to let go.

They do this in a special way: Phantom VIII runs Skepta around in Switzerland, while he was on the back seat create a new song. According to the rapper, this is a great place to get music to produce: “it is as if you were in business class in the plane, but minus the noise of the flies.”

Mobile studio

Roll-Royce has invested heavily in the V12 Phantom VIII silent. No less than 130 kilos of sound-proofing material in the car processed. One component is the glass that is from a double layer of 6 millimeter. Therefore there is almost no sound from the outside to the inside, which is Rolls-Royce so it is a perfect place for a music studio.

The inspiration for the song Skepta RR does not only come from the extremely luxurious car, but also the beautiful surroundings along the route. The driver runs the mobile studio along to a few of the beautiful places in Switzerland.

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