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Russian picks up the victory in CrossCup Roeselare, Imana Truyers again first Belgian

b595c1f9945d35a3b7737d24577d15c9 - Russian picks up the victory in CrossCup Roeselare, Imana Truyers again first Belgian

The Russian Ekaterina Sokolenko has in the women the CrossCup Roeselare won. Imana Truyers was just as in the previous two races, the first Belgian. Roeselare is also the qualification for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in two weeks in Slovakia, so can Truyers still difficult in addition to a ticket grab.

The CrossCup is halfway and Imana Truyers went in all three races, with the vole loot home. The final victory is in sight. In Roeselare it was the British Stephanie Barnes who is strong headed, but she had to later forfeit. The Russian Sokolenko was ultimately the strongest, Truyers was the longest in her neighborhood remain. The selection committee of the Belgian association of athletics KBAB makes only Monday night the EK-selection of well-known, but can be difficult to Limburg.

The marathoner Hanna Vandenbussche went to keep, but could systematically shift and picked up athlete after athlete on. They came finally to the third place, as the second Belgian. The West-Flemish came cheering across the finish line. If the selection committee its favorable, they may still hope on a trip to Slovakia.

Nina Lauwaert was fourth at Schiervelde, Sofie Van located just a short wal dispirited heavy and made the top five vol. Vanessa Scaunet was surprisingly first promise in seventh place. She also seems to be difficult in addition to a european CHAMPIONSHIP selection to be able to grab.

Truyers, as the first Belgian: “I feel that I still can improve”

“I felt that I was the strongest Belgian was today, but was pleased to at every turn, to see that my lead is not decreased”, and put Truyers from the shore. On some of the strips was the trail a real mud bath at Schiervelde, but that annual the Limburg. “It may be even heavier for me. My feeling today, I can’t compare with that in the Mole, when I first Belgian was. Today I ran with that I in mind, and that was some stress.”

What about the Limburg to reach the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in the Slovak Samorin? “I missed today what freshness and feel that I can improve, the condition is still under construction. I think at least top twenty and top fifteen.”

Vandenbussche after second place: “Can hardly believe”

The marathoner Hanna Vandenbussche surprised with a second place on the CrossCup Roeselare. With a bit of luck, they by the selection committee of the association of athletics taken to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in two weeks in Slovakia. The West-Flemish was very happy.

“I can hardly believe it. Incredibly this”, says the West-Flemish. Vandenbussche, on a filosofiedoctoraat about Blaise Pascal and Descartes works in Leuven, came cheering across the finish line. Her coach, Veerle Dejaeghere, was in tears of joy. “I ran a great second half of the race. At the start I was embedded, but I panikeerde not. I could still continue to move.”

Sufficient to second place for Vandenbussche for a EK-selection? She was already five seconds behind Imana Truyers. “I hope the very, very, very very, very, very hard, but I have often hoped for and I am never selected. So wait.”

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