ROLI makes it easy to create music

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With the modular system BLOCKS of ROLI is to make music easier and more accessible than ever. The system is useful for both experienced musicians and producers as well as beginners and even children.

The English ROLI has as a mission to the musical instruments of the future. That began in 2009 when Roland Lamb, jazz-musician and designer, the Seaboard designed. This keyboard looks like a regular instance, but it has an interesting number of options that are unique. The silicone surface allows that the keyboard is more sensitive to the touch. You can, for example, vibrato, or to add with nuts to play by your finger horizontally or vertically. Musicians like Stevie Wonder, Steve Aoki, RZA, Grimes, and Hans Zimmer are big fan of the Seaboard. It was also the Seaboard to see in the film La La Land. Meanwhile, Pharrell Williams is involved with ROLI in the role of Chief Creative Officer.


With BLOCKS, put ROLI a step towards a larger audience. This system consists of a number of modules that you can use, or can merge. One of the modules is based on the Seaboard, but is a lot more compact than its big brother. an app on your smartphone or tablet or software on your computer, you can hundreds add sounds to the keyboard. ROLI works together with companies that are the sound of real instruments almost perfect approach, but of course you can also opt for a more digital sound.

Another great module is the Lightpad Block. This is a square with a surface including 225 illuminated keys. With the help of the app or software, the possibilities are endless. You can make beats, melodies to play and even complete compositions. And all of that with a device that fits in your hand. Further, there are also a Live Block and Loop Block to purchase, that allows you to switch between keys and octaves and in which you live or in the studio loops.

No false notes

The nice thing is that this musical instrument very easy to operate. Everything works very intuitive and thanks to the software, you can very quickly something very nice manufacture. Also if you have no experience as a musician. Select, for example, a flute on the Lightpad, only the right notes light up. So you no false notes to play (if you want this though). Only for the melody, you’re responsible.

Thanks to the laagdrempeligheid and the help of the software BLOCKS ideal for children or people who have never been music. On the other hand is BLOCKS, by the unlimited opportunities and the linking of the modules, also suitable for experienced musicians. A nice touch is that the separate modules are very affordable. Lightpad Block is available from €199 and Seaboard Block starting at €329.

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