OK Go makes a video with 567 printers

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The genius of the clipmakers of OK Go have news. For the music video for the song Obsession used the band 567 printers and a giant stack of paper.

Where a normal person regularly quarrelling with printer, at home or at work, if OK Go to 567 copies in sync to make it work. A very clever performance. Especially because the result are beautiful images.

Visual spectacle

While the band, the song sings, spitting the printers a different decor. That, in brief, is the purport of this video clip. But such a simple description does, however, drastically lack of the visual spectacle that there is in the video.

For the huge mountain of paper manufacturer Double A is responsible. After all the paper recycled and the proceeds donated to Greenpeace.

Director: Damian Kulash, Jr. & Yusuke Tanaka
Technique: Daito Manabe & Rhizomatiks Research
Choreography: MIKIKO & Elevenplay
Creative Agency: SIX
Agency Executive Creative Director : Takeshi Nozoe
Agency Creative Director: Jin Saito
Production: AOI Pro.

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