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Jenson Button takes part in Japanese Super GT in 2018

f3c5ae078a987598e2747e4fdcf670a4 - Jenson Button takes part in Japanese Super GT in 2018

The British pilot Jensen Button takes over in 2018 at the wheel of a Honda NSX share to the Japanese tourwagenkampioenschap Super GT. That confirmed the former world champion Formula 1 Sunday.

The 37-year-old Button was in August, at the start of the 1,000 km of Suzuka, the most prestigious race in the Super GT. The British F1 world champion of 2009, this year was still reservepiloot for Stoffel Vandoorne, and the Spaniard Fernando Alonso at McLaren-Honda. Two weeks ago, he ended after seven years of service, his contract with the British renstal. Previously, he drove for Brawn GP (2009), Honda (2006-2008), BAR (2003-2005), Renault (2002), Benetton (2001) and Williams (2000). Button worked at the end of may at the GP of Monaco his last wedstrijdkilometers in a F1-bolide.

It is not yet clear for which team Button will take part in the Super GT. “It is always a dream to be in this fantastic championship racing”, showed the British pilot is still recording.

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