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Impressive Soufiane Bouchikhi wins in Roeselare spectacular qualification for european CHAMPIONSHIPS

7cfd049c3b1d0e041f69b2882d20f3d7 - Impressive Soufiane Bouchikhi wins in Roeselare spectacular qualification for european CHAMPIONSHIPS

Soufiane Bouchikhi has after a demonstration the CrossCup Roeselare won. Michäel Somers and Lander Tijtgat stuntten on places two and three, Isaac Kimeli, and Bashir Abdi had a total offday.

Just as in the Mole left Soufiane Bouchikhi as a spear, but Isaac Kimeli and promise Simon Debognies gave it to him with two laps to follow. That they had better not done. They fell back to six and eight. At the european CHAMPIONSHIPS cross country running last year they were still number one and eight with the promises, though Kimeli meanwhile, no promise more. Bouchikhi pot stew, and made an incredible impression, ripe for the top five at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS on 10 december in the Slovak Samorin. Now the CrossCup halfway through, it seems like the Acquisition on the road to the final victory.

It was Michäel Somers, who is still a promise and so in that category in the direction of EK will draw, which is also one of the sensations of the afternoon appeared. He remained but to move and was eventually clever second, for Lander Tijtgat. That last one was ‘only’ 27 seconds behind Bouchikhi and should still hope for a european CHAMPIONSHIP selection Monday night. Bashir Abdi, ever eighth at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS cross country running, was only ninth in Roeselare.

Somers extatic

“Not to do! I walked in Mol all good, but then there were a few riders still on stage”, says a dolgelukkige Michael Somers Sunday. He was the first promise in Roeselare and goes on so without a doubt in the direction EK in Slovakia. “The crème de la crème of our sport was here. I had expected that the top three outside category would be, but all of a sudden, we started men as Isaac Kimeli to pick it up.”

Somers shared his course on Schiervelde perfectly. “I got my game back from trying to build, and could continue to move up. This was a very pleasant experience.”

Lander Tijtgat after his third place a little less feel free to sleep. He was second senior, but had 27 seconds to expose on Soufiane Bouchikhi and should tomorrow the decision of the selection committee of the association of athletics remains to know whether he is in the direction of EK. “The feeling was less than in Ldcs today. The training sessions were, however, really foolish, but I did today did not show it. I was rather second. That Kimeli and Abdi disappointing, doesn’t surprise me. If you hoogtestage goes, you never know how it turns out.”

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