DAMN. of Kendrick Lamar sounds backwards even better

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Kendrick Lamar made DAMN. one of the best albums of 2017. The album was, according to the rapper, however, is even better.

In interviews showed Kendrick Lamar, hinting that the album as a whole more if the numbers in reverse order are listened to. Normally, it starts with BLOOD and ends with DUCKWORTH. Now it is the other way around.


The theory about the other order started in the week after the release of the brilliant album. On internet forums and social media were fans with the story that the album backwards is better. The underlying story is better this way the paint and the numbers seem to be a more beautiful whole.

Kendrick Lamar picked up these signals on and started the opinion of the fans to share: “I think like a week after the album came out, [fans] realized you can play the album backwards. It plays as a full story and even a better rhythm. It’s one of my favorite rhythms and tempos within the album. It’s something that we definitely premeditate while we’re in the studio.”

New artwork

On streaming services like Spotify, it is fairly easy to create a playlist of the album and the tracklist, but now we have Kendrick Lamar, the improved version of DAMN. also officially added under the name DAMN. COLLECTORS EDITION. The album has even a new artwork.

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