“A bus lane?!’ Utopianen will not stop

1e63fe8282df9975c4a78b572201ad58 - "A bus lane?!' Utopianen will not stop

Utopia it quits. Thursday, it was announced that an end to the reality show because the lease of the premises between Talpa and the province of Noord-Holland expires. But the Utopianen itself is, they continue.

“A bus lane?!”, klonkt it from the mouths of multiple Utopianen, when she learned what the cause of the end of the show. The site, which is in the possession of the province of North Holland, will soon be used for green to have to explain that to compensate for elsewhere in the Throw landscaped bus lane, according to a spokesman.


The Utopianen have decided to get into action and have this announced via Instagram. In their petition, they allow for ‘if necessary on a different location’ to continue. Meanwhile, we have more than 3000 people their signature.


If the plans to Utopia to stop it continue, the warehouse in June 2018 broken down. A resident will be on Friday 1 June 2018 be appointed as the big winner of the program.

Utopia went on the last day of 2013 start. In four years time, through the changing inhabitants of a genuine society is created. The program is now 4.5 years and is the longest running reality show in the world.

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