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Veldlopers compete Sunday in CrossCup Roeselare for EK-tickets

32c4ed2107f13de7f04c012932cc1e01 - Veldlopers compete Sunday in CrossCup Roeselare for EK-tickets

Sunday in Roeselare the third round of the CrossCup on the program. It is for the veldlopers an important appointment because traditionally the race as qualification for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS. That takes place this year on 10 december in the Slovak Samorin.

Absent Sunday is Louise Carton. The Belgian champion and titelverdedigster in the CrossCup is not yet fully wedstrijdfit after an ankle injury. She is planning a comeback in January at the cross of Hannuit.

In her absence, is looking forward to a duel between Imana Truyers, the leader in the CrossCup, and Sofie Van located just a short wal, the number 2. Of located just a short wal was preparing for a work placement in the Portuguese Albufeira, where they on the side of Carton trained. The duo should competition be expected of the British Stefanie Barnes, and the Russian Ekaterina Sokolenko, just as Hanna Vandenbussche, Charlotte, Of Hoarse, and Lisa Roman. Those last two will compete for european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifying at the U23 with Renée Eykens and Vanessa Scaunet.

In the men, the eyes focused on Soufiane Bouchikhi, who are success of the Cross in Mol will repeat. He took advantage of the absence of Belgian champion Isaac Kimeli, who opted for an internship together with Simon Debognies and Bashir Abdi. Lander Tijtgat was the surprising second in the Mole. He hopes that in Roeselare weather to play in front of the stage.

In the short cross is looking to Jeroen D’Hoedt, who meet with Isamël Debjani and Ali Hamdi.

The Belgian athletics federation makes the EK-selection Monday known.

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